Magic is fading, fewer and fewer are born with the gift or even able to control the Mystic Arts, and fewer still can harness the energy and imbue it into objects such as weapons and armor anymore. Most of the potent Magi are returning to Malaskar, or their home nations worried as to the unexplained continuing loss of magic across the land. Studies in the Wizards Spire have been fruitless while Relic and tomb raiders have grown in abundance, searching for lost artifacts, and magic items hidden away in dungeons from ages past. Rumors of the younger weaker mages disappearing can be heard in taverns and inns, as bandit raids have been increasing on the roads and in towns, since anyone carrying anything magical is now a mark.
Be wary adventure, for anyone with knowledge of the mystical arts may become hunted, and the more relics you acquire may lead to your demise, as others may seek to claim them as their own.

Echoes of a Forsaken Past

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